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Shih Poo Haircut Ideas + Pictures

A Shih pooh is a fluffy interbreed between the Shih Tzu and the poodle; either a toy or miniature breed. The combination is quite unique since both dog types originally have a lot of hair. Which leaves the Shih poo with unlimited haircut styles to explore.

For many owners, you may not know which options you have. If that is you and you’re looking for various haircut options you can try on your Shih pooh then you’re in for a treat. Below are seven haircut ideas you can experiment with. Let’s begin! 

Shih Pooh Haircut Ideas

Before we jump right into the hair options, here are a few basic things you should be aware of;

  • The haircuts mostly differ in length – short, medium, and long hair options.
  • Some of the cuts need a specialized tool besides the scissors or skills in order to cut efficiently. Hence, be wary if you’re opting for a simple DIY.
  • There is no affirmation with no declination of using any of these haircuts for showcasing purposes. If you’d like to know about show accepted haircuts UK/ American kennel club could assist with that.
  • Since the Shih pooh is a combination of two distinct breeds, the dog could have wavy or curly hair. This will influence how the hair will look like in the end.

Now let’s jump to the cute cuts for your shih poo.

Modern Cut

For those who love to keep up with modern trends, this is the cut for you. It features precise cutting throughout the body, emphasizing on the dog’s best physical attributes; tail and head.

modern  coat cut for shih poo

Also referred to as the Scandinavian or European haircut, it has been seen severally in beauty competitions. The haircut is professionally done to maintain precision cuts and highlighting.

What’s great about the style is that it follows the dog’s body shape giving the cut a more natural appearance.

Puppy Cut

Another prevalent haircut is the puppy cut. Just as the name suggests, it’s derived from the appearance of an adorable puppy. It has a sharp and defined looking with all the hairs at one level.

puppy cut

The best part about this hairstyle is the fresh look it has as the cut is like a clean slate for the entire body. You will definitely see this cut on small breeds like the Shih pooh. West highland white terrier, and the Yorkshire Terriers

To neatly trim your dog’s hair, cut it down to one or two inches with a little longer around the face to give off a plush look. The cut is very low maintenance and can be modernized in different ways. – it’s really up to you.

Teddy Bear Cut

If your Shih pooh is long-haired, then the teddy bear cut is right on your radar. Also gaining a lot of popularity. The teddy bear cut is done using scissors.

teddy bear cut shih poo

You will only need to trim out a little bit and leave a good chunk of hair all through the body. That should be over two and a half inches all the way to four inches.

The idea behind the teddy bear cut is to give a sweet impression by rounding the edges of the hair, and also giving a bear look with the bulkiness of hair throughout the hair.

Practical Top Knot

What many call the pony, it’s a top knot on a dog. A simple way to get the hair away from your face while also looking fabulous. If your dog has lengthy hair at the front simply comb it down and hold it up like a pony.

practical top knot

Then take a ribbon, clip, or a barrette and hold it into position. Brush off any excess hair up towards the band, just like you would if you were laying down your edges.

This style has many variations including using more than one clip to hold the hair. Take a look at the image below.

top knot

Top Knot Show Cut

The name comes from a couple of beauty styles used with Shih poohs during competitions and the show. While it might take a lot of time to get it done, this Top Knot Show Cut is very sophisticated, just like the one above.

Shih poo show cut
Show cut

However, it is a very high-maintenance cut as the front and back hairs are rarely trimmed meaning them to fall over. Most especially for the back, as it falls over, it’ll be dragging at the feet – hence, the dog will need cleanup

Regular grooming and trimming are essential almost daily, but if your dog looks as good, then it’s worth the effort. The style is weather sensitive. Hot temperatures could make the dog agitated because the hair is a lot but it’s advantageous in the winter.

Short Cut

Sometimes its best to just shave it all down, from the top of the head to the legs. Short-haired dog owners choose this aesthetic option to avoid future struggles with brushing their pet’s hair.

Short cut
Short cut

From knots at the end to tangles, excess dirt buildup, and the likes, you can avoid such hassles by simply cutting the hair down.

Moreover, in the summer, your pet might struggle with overheating, this hair cut will do wonders for air circulation

Do also be wary of cold seasons like the winter. Your dog will get cold faster as you shed the first keeping it warm. 

Lion Cut

What’s good about the lion’s style is how elegant it looks on a Shih pooh. This haircut simply transforms your dog into an adorable cub as this unique style features a trim of the body hair to about an inch long.

Then, the front sectional of the hair is enhanced, meaning it will be the center of attraction.

Shih poo lion cut

The mane like haircut favors wavy hair since it will be easier to brush giving off a soft and slightly textured finish to it. Curly hair can also do a lion cut, however, the face will look too dense and uncomfortable for your dog. 

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