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Dogs with Floppy Ears-Big Long Droopy

Floppy ears are one of the most admirable features of a dog. How the ear just falls over the ears swinging back and forth as the dog runs, plus how long and complementary they are.

Dogs that are popularly known to have big and long floppy ears include the bloodhounds, basset hound, black and tan coonhound, the dachshund, Irish setter, afghan hound, and the spaniel breeds.

For more information about these floppy-eared dog breeds, join in the discussion right below. 

Small Dogs with Floppy Ears

Basset Hound

Two of the most noticeable features you will see with the basset hound is the long body and their big and long droopy ears. Their ears droop so much they could literally touch the ground. Even as adults, their ears remain long and wrinkly covering their inner lobes completely

Basset hounds : Drop Ears
Basset Hound

The basset hound is one adorable pet with the gift of scent. Just as any other hound, their long drippy ears allow for them to primarily focus on their tracking skills not that they can’t hear as well as other dogs. They’re very slow hunters with a high prey drive and strong tracking skills and instincts.

They’re a very charming pack of canines with a sweet and kind personality. Very gentle, loyal, and love to snuggle and eat. Since they don’t need much exercise, they can be quite overweight, so watch out for that.


Yet another very curious dog is the Beagle. Very easy to recognize especially from its howl. Weighing just between 20 to 25 pounds, the beagle was long bred to hunt hares what was also known as beagling.

Tricolor beagle puppy

They have large pendant ears that fall right over their ears, perfect for their hunting expeditions. Their velvety ears easily cover their ears to block any distractions as they are busy hunting and tracking.

The Beagle is one of the most curious dogs there are since you can see them wander away from home just to follow a scent they picked up on or while hunting game. Besides that, they’re very easy to train, lovable, and make excellent friends with children.


Next up we have the dachshund which is also known as the sausage dog. An equally curious canine with alert eyes, small head, but large and long floppy ears. Their ears are also quite long similar to the basset hound, you would see them fly past their face as they run.


The dachshund is ideally a scenting fog but can also be used for hunting and very rarely as a watchdog. They’re very aggressive towards strangers and tend to chase with much ferocity and determination. They train fairly well with appreciation techniques and blend well with the family even with other activities involved.

King Charles Cavalier

Of United Kingdom origin, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel(CKCS) is a small-sized lap dog. It belongs to the toy breed group. Their ears are large fluffy and low-set.

King Charles Cavalier
Tricolor King Charles Cavalier

Their big brown eyes and lush coats also make them so adorable. The CKCS is a delightfully affectionate, playful, loyal and intelligent little dog that craves companionship and enjoys being in the company of their owners.

Sussex Spaniel

Lastly, the Sussex Spaniel from the spaniel family is one handsome breed with a slightly similar appearance to the spaniel cocker. They have a shiny coat, a medium-sized head, and long droopy ears that appear shivery.

Sussex spaniel Dog
Sussex spaniel

The love shaped floppy ears of the Sussex are set moderately low and tend to cause them outer ear infections such as the Otitis externa. This is mostly because the ears trap moisture causing recurrent infections.

The Sussex Spaniel is very calm and collected, carries a great load of enthusiasm and clown behavior. They’re very friendly and very eager to impress. The spaniels are perfect to work as therapy dogs.

Medium-Large Dogs with Floppy Ears

English Cocker Spaniel

The other spaniel we shall be looking at is the English cocker spaniel which is an all American dog breed. Loved and admired by all, the dog features sweet eyes and long silky floppy ears that just fall to the sides of the face.

English Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel

Seeing how happy the dog is, you will love to see how energetic it is during its hunting and running expeditions. Their ears just go with the wind as they slap the face and at the back of the skull. Weighing about 40 pounds and 16 inches tall, their bodies are well built for sporting and other outdoor activities.

They are one of the friendliest dogs ever as they enjoy playing with children and even toddlers. They’re easy to train and handle, even for new family owners.


There are three types of poodles, the toy, the miniature, and large. The medium-sized poodle weighs about 45 to 60 pounds. They’re very smart, energetic, and love to spend a great deal of time outside.

White Poodle

Bred as hunting dogs, it is no surprise that they have long very hairy droopy ears. Their ears resemble that of the Afghan Hound except the hair is less silky and more curly. Those ears make the dog look much more appealing plus gives them a natural ponytail on the sides of the head.

Poodles are highly intelligent with the eagerness to please and be the best at what they do. They’re agile and enjoy tracking and nose work in general. What’s more, they’re also great as water retrievers.

Speaking of retrievers, let’s have a look at the labrador.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is a smaller version of the golden retriever. Very intelligent, highly trainable, and has a sweet temperament. They are an ideal pet as they can play multiple roles including companion, guard dog, working dog, therapy dog, among other roles.

Labrador Retriever
Black Lab

The labrador has gorgeous floppy ears set perfectly on the sides of the ears. They aren’t very long as they of the bloodhound or basset hound, but we know floppy ears do also run in the retriever family.

The labrador has high energy levels which means a lot of exercising and sporting. They also need regular grooming and vacuuming as they really shed their fur. Other than that, they are great for the family.

Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano Dogs
Spinone Italianos

Densely-coated with huge floppy ears, the Spinone is a medium-sized hunting dog of ancient Italian lineage.

It is among the field dogs of Continental Europe famed for versatility.

It is loyal, and athletic, ideal for an active family on the go.

Afghan Hound

The first breed we shall look at is the Afghan Hound. Well known for its long silky hair, the hound is breathtakingly attractive. It’s fiercely independent and very strong-willed.

Afghan Hound
Cute Afghan hounds

One look at its face and you will notice a long and thin head with a sharply pointed muzzle. Long floppy ears covered by its long, smooth, and silky hair plus attentive eyes set right between those beautiful dropped ears.

The Afghan Hound is a very dominating dog breed. They’re very stubborn and don’t take in instructions very well. They also don’t enjoy sharing space nor attention with other pets. Nonetheless, they’re very good at show dog sports.

Black and Tan Coonhound

This dog has the second-longest ears coming after the bloodhound. Their massively long ears fall past their head hanging way past their ear opening. They’re soft and velvety just like their coat.

Black and Tan Coonhound
Black and Tan Coonhound Puppies

As gentle giants, the coonhound has an incredible sense of smell making them killer hunters, in fact, among the best. They take scent trailing and tracking very seriously, thanks to their long floppy ears.

On the other end of the spectrum, they’re actually a very lazy breed of dog. They enjoy laying back and relaxing, maybe basking under the sun. This also explains why they’re lovely even with strangers, children, and other pets.


The bloodhound has the biggest and longest ears among all the other dogs. It’s the most noticeable feature the dog has besides being large. These long and dangly ears aid the scent hound to be excellent at tracking people.


They have a very friendly temperament and enjoy outdoor activities. Therefore, not so apartment friendly. Then again they are known to wander off in search of a scent. So without proper fencing, you could easily lose your dog.

The bloodhound is very energetic and hard-working. It can withstand long distant work and can endure any terrain. They need medium to high exercise, other than that, they’re great to have as a pet.

Irish Setter

Last, but not least is the Irish setter originating from native Ireland. They were known as gundogs after which they became show dogs and lastly companions dogs.

Irish Setter, long haired red dog.
Irish Setter

They have a deep rich mahogany coat that’s fine and glossy, particularly longer on the floppy ears making them look like the cocker spaniel. These soft as silk ears are only one of their adorable physical attributes.

Its large body doesn’t allow for a small living but they have an adaptive character. They’re very lively with nature and known to be affectionate, loving, and companionable. They’re very intelligent dogs which makes them quite stubborn to train and sometimes handle. Nonetheless, their desire to learn is ever-growing.

Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter
Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is a medium-large size that originates from Scotland. It is sturdily built, black and tan dog.

The Gordon tends to be darker and larger than its Irish and English counterparts. It is was bred as a bird-hunting dog.

One pleasant feature of Gordon setters is that they tend to retain puppy-like looks longer than most breeds


The saluki, one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, is a medium-sized canine that was bred for hunting. Like the other canines in the hound family, they have long ears that hang downwards.


Usually white, fawn, cream, tan, gold or red, salukis have slim but rugged body that makes them swift and agile sprinters who won’t mind a chase anytime, anywhere. They make gentle, dignified, and independent but loyal pets.

Picardy Spaniel

Medium-sized The Picardy Spaniel is a breed of dog developed in France for use as a gundog. It is a strong, muscular built dog characterized by an oval-shaped head with a long muzzle, and fluffy low hanging ears.

Picardy Spaniel
Picardy Spaniel

Their gentle nature and adaptability, makes them perfect house pets. While best known for their hunting ability, they are an adaptable breed that can perform well in other activities and socializing with both people and animals.


Foxhound puppy

Foxhounds come in two varieties; the American Foxhound and English Foxhound. They are scent hounds, bred to hunt foxes by scent.

They are sleek and agile dogs known for their speed, endurance, and work ethic. They have a long muzzle and a large, domed skull with wide drooping ears. The eyes are hazel or brown and are large and wide-set.


Rare Otterhound dog breed

This a large rare dog breed that was originally bred for otter hunting. Built for work, Otterhounds have a keen nose and renowned stamina. In addition to the hairy floppy ears, these canines are known for their dense shaggy coat, webbed feet, an acute sense of smell, and affinity for swimming.

What is Unique About Floppy Eared Dog Breeds?

Floppy eared dog breeds are said to have a sweet and tolerable temperament. They’re very gentle and enjoy time outside following scents and tracking down anything they could catch their eyes on.

Floppy ears are great on dogs as they aid these dog breeds to filter out scents easily. Like a bonnet, their hefty ears funnel odors closer to a dog’s nose, which explains why most dogs with floppy ears are hounds. They are bred to track prey for hunters over long distances.

So their large floppy ears are unique as they allow them to focus on their intended target as well as blocking sounds that may otherwise distract them.

Moreover, floppy ears tend to look adorable on dogs including the cocker spaniel, afghan hound, Irish setter among other breeds. They simply fall to the sides of the head complimenting their looks.

Floppy-eared dog with curly hair
Cute Furry with Floppy Ears

Large Droopy Dog Ears Pros and Cons


  • Their big and long floppy ears help dogs be better at tracking and scent trailing. This is why the bloodhound and the coonhound are excellent at their work.
  • The breeds have warm and impressionable personalities. They love bonding with the family and just being around people.
  • Their ears make them look adorable. Some say the ears are a bold fashion statement whether it’s their velvety texture or silk feel, or the hair that falls over. Either way, the ears are admirable.
  • They’re more approachable even with strangers. Used as security and even rescue dogs people rarely fear them because of their appearance.


  • Their ears are predisposed to having ear infections. Because their ears offer a conducive environment for mites, pests, and bacteria causing infections, they’re at risk of illnesses.
  • You have to clean them and care for their ears regularly. Their ears can easily get inflamed and waxy because they remain covered.
  • Some breed’s ears can be cropped once their ears start becoming floppy as a puppy. This puts some of the breeds in danger of undergoing such a painful ordeal.

Care Tips

Floppy ears may be adorable, but they need caring for, much more care than other dog ears may receive.

Because floppy ears trap moisture and have a reduced airflow into the canal, bacteria and other organisms can affect the area fast. Hence, care is essential. To care for their ears, you want to use the tips below.

  • Use a recommended ear cleaning formula to help with the cleaning. Examples include; Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone, Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner for Dogs, and Vet’s Nest Ear Relief Wash + Dry Combo.
  • As you buy the cleaner, use a low pH cleaner to avoid stinging and hurting their skin.
  • Go for a ceruminolytic which is best at gently dissolving wax without burning the outer skin causing maceration.
  • It’s best to cut a little hair from the entrance of the ear canal to help you reach inside the canal to clean.
  • Clean their ears every two weeks to avoid over-accumulation of wax.
  • After cleaning, massage the area gently to soothe the ear as well as push the cleaning agent further into the ear.
  • Always remember to clean out the liquid from the ear canal.
  • Cover their ears when they’re bathing so water doesn’t get into their ears.

These are just some easy to follow care tips for everyday cleaning of their ears.

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