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Dog Breeds with Rose Ears

The rose ears of a dog often look similar to the button ears. However, the rose ear folds inward at its back lower edge, the upper front edge curves over, outward, and backward giving the impression of the petal of a rose flower.

Dog breeds that are known to have rose ears include the Greyhound, Whippet, and the English Bulldog. Other dog breeds with rose ears include the Danish-Swedish Farmdog, Estrela Mountain Dog, Pumi dog, Papillon dog, Brazilian Terrier, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Australian Shepherd, and the Shar-Pei.

Follow us into the discussion as we have a deeper look into every one of these dog breeds.

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

First up is the Danish-Swedish Farmdog that was local in old Denmark, from Scania to Schleswig Holstein and Normandy. In the 1960s the farm dog was a very popular dog that resided in the countryside of Denmark and South Sweden, hence the name.

Danish-Swedish Farmdog
Tricolor Danish-Swedish Farmdog

This farm dog has medium-sized ears that are heavy, long, and curl to the back. Breed standards allow for the dog to have either the button or rose ears, whereas rose ears are more popular. The farm dog is very expressive with its rose ears as some claim they can tell its mode just by how it folds above the skull.

It played many roles back in the day but most importantly was to keep mice, rats, and other vermin away from the house. It was also a watchdog with a very loud and distinctive bark to alert approach from a stranger. Nonetheless, the dog is a very happy fellow and fairs well with kids. The farm dog is well known as friendly, outgoing, bright, agile, and very fast in its work.

Estrela Mountain Dog

From the native land of Portugal, the Estrela Mountain Dog was bred. Its main work was to guide and guard livestock. It has also worked as a watchdog and a companion, as well as used for draught work.

Estrela Mountain Dog
Estrela Mountain Dog: Photo: ack.org

The mountain dog resembles a mastiff with its large molossoid appearance, rugged coat, and brisk gait. It has well-set ears with medium height hanging just above the skull falling backward and laterally against the side of the head. Its rose ears are very thin and triangular with a rounded tip.

The breed is very expressive and confident in its looks. It’s well apportioned and fits the perfect description of a medium-sized dog with a weight of between 30 to 60 pounds. The breed is very brave and loyal, watchful with strangers but obedient to its owner.


Also known as the English or British bulldog, it originated from the British Isles brought about by the Romans. It’s a great descendant of the fighting mastiffs which explains it’s muscular built and physique.

Brown white English Bulldog
English Bullie

The Bulldog has very descriptive physical attributes including short pointed slightly floppy and bent backward ears. Unlike other dogs, the dog’s rose ears are quite short but still pointed and when relaxed fall backward to the side of the head.

The Bulldog is very playful and joyous. They enjoy outdoor activities and family bonding games. However, the dog suffers from many issues including sleep apnea, respiratory ailments, and even obesity. They’re generally a high maintenance dog.

Brazilian Terrier

As the name suggests, the Brazilian Terrier originates from Brazil. These tailless breeds have been around for centuries after which they spread to other European countries such as France and England. The breed plays three major roles as a companion, hunting dog, and guard dog.

Brazilian Terrier
Brazilian Terrier

The terrier is medium-sized, slender but has a firm structure, square-like which distinguishes it from the Smooth Fox Terrier. They have eyes laterally set apart from each other with ears at the far end of the sides of the head. The ears are also triangular-shaped with pointed tips and are half pricked with the top falling backward to the external eye corners.

The terrier is very keen and active, friendly towards others unless you’re a stranger, which makes them more reserved. Other than that the Brazilian Terrier is very confident and fearless but easily handled by owners.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Dating back to over 6000 years ago, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog originated from the Anatolia region of central Turkey. The karabas is seen as a mix between the sighthounds and the mastiffs. You could just from its 75-pound big muscular body.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Kangal has keen and expressive dark eyes with a large head proportionate to the body. Its ears are well set on either side of its head with the ears folding slightly to the back in the shape of a rose. Its protective ruff of fur runs from the head to its long lean legs.

This gentle athletic dog is very agile and observant. As a watchdog, it tends to be territorial and protective hence aloof with strangers. With the owner, however, they are very calm and kind. They need a vigorous amount of exercise every day


The Italian Greyhound stands at about 30 inches with a weight of 85 pounds. An incredible lifespan of 14 years and tracking skills like no other.

Grey hound
Grey hound

They are also very well known for their rose ears that are very small yet folded against the neck. Sometimes, the ears appear semi or fully erect, especially when the dog is alert. The ears blend perfectly with its long neck and head.

The Greyhound has amazing characteristics just from its back, silhouette, legs, and feet, but so is its temperament. They’re such gentle dogs that easily adapt to the surrounding. Very loyal and obedient to their owners but quite aggressive especially when it comes to things they like, such as hunting.


Very similar to the Greyhound, the whippet has a streamlined body with a long head. Bet it’s a great feature as it allows them to run quite fast. Their ears too are quite a beautiful rose-shaped placed laterally in line with its head also helping with more focus during running.


Besides their rose-shaped, small, fine-textured ears, the whippet is an adorable mixture of the Greyhound and the terriers hence the speed plus ability to snap animals and game such as rabbits.

The whippet was traditionally called the poor man’s greyhound which then slowly faded as the whippets made a name for themselves with their endearing speed and agility. As for their temperament, they’re very obedient, gentle, friendly, and enjoy challenges here and there.

Australian Shepherd

The Aussies are also one of the most common dogs with rose ears. They’re internationally recognized to have the correct definition of rose ears which are medium-sized, triangular, and have a slightly rounded tip. The ears sit high on the head but bend back and to the side to form a graceful rose flower.

Black and white Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherds have an energetic lifestyle. They enjoy dog sports and many other outdoor activities. With their high energy levels, workout and exercise are needed daily. For such an attractive pack of dogs, there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

Pumi dog

Originally from Hungary, the Pumi is a small to medium dog that resembles a sheep. They’re a cross-breed of Hungarian Pulik with the French and German herding dogs from the 17th century onwards. They’re guard dogs that were used to gather, drive and protect livestock back in the day.

Pumi Dog

The Pumi has a long head with semi-erect rose ears set perfectly on each side of their heads. They have a somewhat whimsical expression with a curly tail at the back. Their alert ears are often noticeable since they’re high set and have long hair attached to them, longer hair than the rest of the body.

They have a muscular body as the terriers do, with a quadratic shape, lean body mass, and have quick movements. They’re often eager and have a keen temperament. Even as guard dogs, they’re rarely aggressive and love being kept busy whether it’s playing fetch or just running around.

The Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei ancient to the South of China is the most wrinkled dog breed. With clearly loose skin on the face, neck, back, stomach, limbs, and even toes, they take the crown for extreme wrinkles.

Shar Pei-Chinese Wrinklie
Shar Pei

As for their ears, they have gorgeous rose ears that are a small, a little thick, with an equilateral triangular shape. They have a rounded tip and are set high on the skull. Their ears could get pricked, but only when alert, otherwise would be seen as a breed fault.

The Chinese Shar-Pei’s ears have been renamed numerous times calling them silk flower ears, cloud ears, plum ears, horn ears, shell ears, and even rustling ears. They all refer to the same rose ears with a slight lift and a tip that falls to the back of the skull.

Papillon Dog

Lastly, the Papillon dog, quite popular in the American Kennel Club. It’s very small weighing approximately five to ten pounds with a height of eight to 11 inches. The toy dog is very athletic and known for being very jumpy and playful.

Papillon Dog
Papillon Dog

The Papillon has wing-shaped ears with slightly erect ears that bend a little to the back and upright sometimes. Their ears are also very expressive and tend to showcase a dog’s moods.

The papillon is a great indoor dog that enjoys just about any climate, wet, cool, sunny, and also enjoys fun and games with the family. They’re lively, active, and smart. They don’t blend well with other pets as they’re often intimidated. Other than that’s they’re great family companions.

About Rose Ears

Rose ears are beautifully shaped in the form of a flower. They’re relaxed and fall gently to the back of the skull. They’re a  complementary feature to any dog but what’s unique is that most dogs with rose ears can also have upright/ erect ears. These dogs are very expressive as the ears are relaxed to a rose and erect when alert.

Some experts claim most dogs with button ears can also have rose ears, they can stick the dog’s ears just as the English Bulldog’s ears are sometimes glued to it to form a perfect rose shape.

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