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How to Insulate a Plastic Dog House

It is necessary to insulate plastic dog houses that are situated in cold areas in your homestead. This is very important especially during winter. There are various insulation methods and materials you can use to carry out the kennel insulation process.

The simplest method is to get a kennel that is already insulated or made with a mechanism to automatically heat your kennel. The other method is to manually do the insulation from inside and outside using a couple of techniques and tools. If you’re crafty enough, you can create your own DIY insulate puppy house. Read on for more details.

Get a Pre-insulated Dog House

This is the easiest fix. It is easier than modifying the existing kennel. Two popular dog house brands available in the market; DP Hunter Dog House and Dog Palace Insulated Dog House are constructed from strong plastic.

You can purchase these brands since they are insulated either through incorporated sheets during manufacture or through a blowing mechanism.

The blow-in insulation enhances the doghouse heat performance since it never involves removing the floor, roof linings, and the wall.

How to Insulate a Dog House (Interior)

This method involves manually insulating both the interior and exterior of you existing plastic dog house. This includes insulating the floor, walls, and ceiling of your kennel.  

How to Insulate the Floor

  1. First, install a vapor barrier between the surface where the kennel sits and the doghouse floor. The vapor barrier that is made from heavy plastic sheeting restricts seeping up of dampness and cold air. This ensures the dogs’ warmth never escapes. Also, ensure you replace the vapor barrier in case it is torn.
  2. You can employ a platform beneath the kennel. Using wooden pallets that covered with plywood raises the kennel above the cold surface. You can also insulate the pallet using foam sheets and bubble wrap then staple it beneath the kennel. Cover the open ends of the pallet thus keeping insulation in while the dogs remain out.
  3. You can also create a floor sandwich that has insulation engraved then cover everything up with plywood. Purchase foam with vapor barriers, foil-faced products among other options then place the insulation on the floor.
  4. You should purchase a puppy blanket that you can spread on the doghouse floor. A stack of clean and dry blankets will keep the kennel warm and comfortable. You can also install a dog bed or a basket inside the doghouse. These products will provide a suitable temperature in the plastic kennel.

How to Insulate Kennel Ceilings

  1. You should insulate the doghouse ceiling to protect dogs against extreme weather conditions. In case the ceiling space is small, use a foiled plastic paper, bubble, or plastic insulation. Cut the insulation material then fit it onto the ceiling. You can also staple it onto the ceiling then cover it with paneling to prevent the dogs from either eating or ripping apart the insulation.
  2. You can reinforce the kennel roof by incorporating rigid foam insulation. The insulation is available in sheets. Cut it such that it fits the ceiling. This way, it offers both structural support and thermal resistance. Cover the insulation using plywood or paneling; this prevents the dogs from ingesting or tearing it apart.
  3. It is also advisable that you cover the roof exterior with house warp or tarp. This way, heat loss from the interior is reduced and cold weather conditions are blocked from the exterior. During the summer, remove the air barriers to enable natural ventilation.
  4. You can apply polystyrene foam on the kennel ceiling. Ensure you cover the foam to prevent the dogs from chewing it. The best way to insulate the cage using the foam involves slicing foam panels that rhyme with the cage interior then install on the ceiling. Staple the panels then cover the panels with plastic.
  5. In case there are gaps and damages to the ceiling, you should patch them up or apply caulk.

How to Insulate Kennel Walls

  1. You can apply the insulation sandwich technique on the kennel walls. Place the insulation between the kennel wall and the protective cover. For small kennels, install the insulation and wood cover on the exterior wall to save on space. You can also use foil-faced insulation on the inner wall and cover it with paneling.
  2. The other method involves hanging a carpet on the inside walls. This method requires a firm doghouse; begin with installing cup hooks on the top frame. Snag the carpet onto the hooks such that it hangs and provides lining on the walls. This method is effective in dry places where there are cold patterns and rotting moisture will not be a concern. During the summer, remove the carpet to improve kennel ventilation. Monitor the dogs’ behavior and ensure it never devours the carpet.
  3. You can also wrap the kennel with woven synthetic materials. There are commercial materials such as Typar and Tyvek that are suitable for plastic doghouse insulation. The material maintains a warm atmosphere in the kennel while blocking moisture at the same time. Keep in mind than in case it rains and water sips through the wrap, the wood can rot due to trapped moisture.
  4. Numerous reflective foils reflect dogs’ body heat to the dog. Reflective insulation is effective since it is easy to install and is affordable. It is also convenient considering that you can use it along with other types of insulation in the kennel.
  5. Foam sprays work effectively in insulating plastic kennels. It is an expensive option to employ. Begin by slicing out plastic panels from the kennel and ensure there is space between the wall and the panels then pray the foam in the holes. In case your doghouse has spaces between the walls, fill the cavities with foam without creating panels.

Exterior Kennel Insulation

  1. Find a perfect spot for the kennel. This is very crucial in providing doghouse insulation. Locate an appropriate space to set up the kennel. If you place the kennel under a roof, it will benefit from the favorable conditions offered by the house. Your roof creates a barrier against harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, and adverse temperature. Ensure the kennel; never faces the wind direction.
  2. Raising your doghouse at an appropriate height can reduce cold from sipping through from the ground. It also prevents flooding of the kennel whenever it rains.
  3. It is also advisable that you install fiberglass insulation on the kennel exterior. It is cheap and easy to install. You only need a pair of scissors to cut the insulation then install then seal it to prevent the dog from destroying it.
  4. Water can be used as insulation. Fill multiple plastic bottles with water then attach them to the doghouse exterior wall using plastic panels. Ensure the panels fit perfectly to prevent them from shifting. Water may freeze but the ice acts as an insulator. Consider reducing the volume of water in the bottles in cold weather to prevent bottles from busting due to the formation of ice.

How to Create a DIY Insulated Dog House

This is one the best video with step by step process on how get the job done.

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