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How to Heat a Dog House Without Electricity

It is important to keep your doghouse warm just as you would keep your room warm. Using electricity as your main source of heat does work well but it too comes with its own downsides. For instance, it may be costly or unsafe especially when the electricity-powered systems are not properly installed. You may also be in place where there no electricity.

If you are looking for alternative ways to heat your doggie house without electricity, we have options lined up for you. These methods can either warm or maintain your kennel’s temperature. Read on for details.

Why is warming a Dog House Necessary?

There are various reasons you should keep your doghouse warm. Here are some benefits associated with this practice:

  • It helps maintain the health status of your dogs. Cold weather can make your pet prone to some illnesses.
  • It reduces the amount of food the dogs will consume during cold weather. They tend to consume more in cold weather as their bodies burn more calories thus keeping them warm.
  • The practice ensures the dogs are properly groomed. For pet owners who prefer shaving dogs’ fur, they can do it without hesitating since the dog will be taken care of in cold weather.

How to heat without electricity

Warming basically involves either introducing the heat (natural such as from the sun or artificial) itself into the kennel or adding some accessories that will help create and maintain the heat.

1.     Add Some Heat to the Kennel

Use a Microwaveable Cushion

Microwaveable cushions are effective and are commonly used presently. Pick one that is made of quality material then place the cushion in the doghouse. You can also use plastic water bottles in place of the cushions. Fill the bottles with warm water then cover them with a soft sock and place them on the dogs’ bed.

Siphon Hot Air to the Dog House

Using a flexible dryer duct, connect it to your home. The dust absorbs hot air from your house then transfers it to the doghouse. The method might be slower than other methods but it gradually heats the kennel.

2.     Place Thermal Accessories to the Kennel

This idea involves using thermal energy to heat your doghouse. You can apply the technique as follows:

Place a Thermal Bed in the Kennel

Thermal beds have materials that retain heat thus maintaining a warm environment on the sleeping pad. The beds also preserve heat radiations from the dog. The method is pocket-friendly and safe for your dog.

Use Warm Blankets

Various thermal blankets suitable for pets are available in the market. Simply purchase one and place it on the bed. Look for fabrics that retain heat and are friendly to dog skin.

Purchase a Thermal Dog House

A doghouse that has a natural heating or heat retention mechanism can help keep the kennel warm. You can purchase one for your pet. It will keep your pets warm by retaining their natural heat.

3.     Use the Suns Natural Warmth

Nature always provides solutions to all health problems.  It is simple to apply natural methods when heating a doghouse. Exposing your dog to direct sunlight comes with added health benefits. Here are some simple tricks to apply:

Place the Kennel in a position that faces the Sun

This enables the dog to remain warm during winter seasons. Your dog naturally prefers natural warmth as opposed to heat from your house. Place the doghouse in a position facing the sun and be specific on the angle you incline it to ensure the dog is exposed to enough heat.

Use Heat Absorbent Clothing to trap Solar Energy

This smart method involves using a thick heat absorbent material in the doghouse. You need to place a large material to cover the entire kennel thus conserving most of the heat.

Color the Dog House with Dark Paint

Dark colors are effective in conserving heat. Simply paint the doghouse using a tan and opaque color. Ensure that you paint both the interior and exterior then allow the paint to dry before allowing your pet into its house. You can use various dark colors, you don’t need to use black ones.

4.     Dress the Dog with Warm Clothes

In case you enjoy dressing your dog, then you will find this method most suitable. Here are a few tricks to employ:

Dress the Dog with a Jacket or Pullover

There are numerous ready-made garments for your pets in the market. Purchase one that fits your dog or you could weave one that suits you.

Dress the Dog with a Head Cover or Dog Snood

Dog snoods often make your dog appear cool and additionally keep them warm. The only problem with snoods is that your pet will play with them and sometimes lose them. Therefore, purchase one that has zips, ribbons, or buttons to retain your snood.

Dress the dog with Thermal Boots or Thermal Socks

In case your dog gets uncomfortable when dressed in clothes, then make your pets put on socks. Purchase socks that have paw pads to ensure the pet balances properly.

5.     Reduce Heat Loss from the Kennel

The above steps might fail to keep your doghouse warm. However, retaining the existing heat in the kennel might prove to be effective. The following methods are easy to implement and will help save you lots of money since you will not invest in sophisticated equipment. Here are the methods:

Insulating the Kennel

Insulation will keep the kennel warmer and retain the heat emitted by your pet. Insulation speeds up heat flow in the kennel thus creating a warm environment. You should consider using foil-backed foam boards since they are a safer option for kennels. Installing insulation boards is an easy task, also ensure the dog can never access the board, and therefore cover it with some material.

Raise the Level of the Kennel from the ground

This method can help conserve heat in the doghouse although you might require a carpenter to design it effectively. Too much cold is absorbed into the doghouse from the floor. Raising the kennel from the ground minimizes the absorption of the cold.

Install a Weather Proof Door or a Dog Flap

Kennel doors create a spot where heat gets lost. Using a high quality, thick weatherproof door will minimize heat loss. Dog flaps always retain natural heat longer in the kennel.

Patch up Holes in the Kennel

In case your doghouse has holes, cover them up by stuffing material that the dog cannot remove. The openings normally pull cold moisture and air thus making the kennel inhabitable. You should consider placing temporary stuffing so that you can easily remove them in hot seasons.

Add Bedding to the Kennel

Place a warm bed in the doghouse preferably one made from denim, faux suede, or microfiber. The beds offer comfort and last longer. They would, therefore, create value for your money.

Increasing Thermal Mass

There are various thermal jackets, cushions, pet jackets, and thermal canals in the market. Thermal masses and accessories will help keep the doghouse warm by retaining heat that originates from any source.

Place Cotton or Rice-Filled Sock inside the Kennel

 The rice-filled sock acts as a heating pad. This will create a warm and habitable environment for your dog to reside.

Other Methods

If you do not mind using electricity here are some ideas

  • Use electrically heated dog mats
  • You can use an electric heated bulb in a metal kennel
  • Use an electric floor heating system
  • Use an infrared light bulb
  • An electric doghouse can be as effective.
  • Purchase an electrically heated dog mattress
  • The use of temperature based heating pads is a safe and efficient method that you can employ. The pads have a heating element that evenly distributes heat across all pads.
  • Installing an electric heater with a ventilation fan will help heat your doghouse. Ensure you purchase heating units that are specially designed for dogs.


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