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Dogs That Look Like Sheep

Canines come in all looks in terms of coat, shapes, sizes, colors ears and much more. Some dog breeds’ appearances can be mistaken for other domesticated animals such a sheep.

The Bellington terrier has the closest resemblance to a sheep. Its coat and ears make this breed look exactly like a sheep. The Komondor’s moppy fur on their bodies like the Komondor makes it similar to a sheep. The puli dog has several qualities that fit the description of a sheep.

If this sounds interesting to you, following is a detailed discussion with top canines that look like woolies.

Bedlington Terrier

This is one unique dog that you wouldn’t even recognize in the midst of a herd of sheep. This British breed has been a hunting dog since time immemorial but over time, they have become versatile to guarding, among other desirable qualities.

Bedlington terrier

Weighing approximately 20 pounds, they are a perfect blend with lambs amidst that weight group. The sheep breed in particular is the Bergamasca

Bergamasca sheep breed
Bergamasca sheep

Moreover, they have a coat that resembles a sheep’s wool, except their texture, is much more course. This means the coating doesn’t shed easily due to tangling but still needs some bit of cleaning and grooming.

As adorable and unique as they are, they are actually very jealous creatures that don’t like to cohabitate with other dogs. Nonetheless, they are very human friendly.

Its most exceptional feature though has to be its ears. They are the only known dog breed with filbert ears; a shape/ style that resembles the leaves of a hazel but tree.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

For those huge and heavily built sheep, the Bergamasco sheepdog sure does look like them. However, you would recognize the dog if you take a closer look at its coat and the color.

The breed has a dull-colored coating, ranging from pure black to softer tan colors and brown. Nonetheless, the sheepdog has mat looking flocks of hair wool coating its body.

The fur on its body features numerous strands of hair woven together creating layers of felt hair. The wool-like fur then covers its entire body including the legs.

Another resembling feature has to its tail. For a heavily built dog, you would expect an equally big tail but no. The tail is actually short, thick, and it curves slightly upwards.

This heavy boned and muscular dog is, in fact, a herding dog. You would seem them trail a flock of sheep or cattle as they graze around for food. They offer guidance and protection to the flock throughout the day.

Even with such tough characteristics, this dog breed is sweet, patient, loving, loyal, and very friendly. They are low maintenance and child friendly.


The Hungarian sheepdog with moppy like the coat is a must-have on this list. Even with straight and falling hair, many would confuse the dog for a sheep, or a mop… Dating back to ancient times, the dog also helps people tend to their flock by playing guard dog, following the flock around.


The komondor has an only bit a striking resemblance to a sheep once they stand together rather than alone. This is because the dog has very long hair that bounces back and forth as the dog moves or runs.

However, its size isn’t a factor when it comes to having a good time. They are very loving to families as much as they are protective of their owners.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Also known as PONs, the lowland sheepdog is yet another shaggy coated herding dog that could sheep I kept in the midst of a flock of cattle.

This medium-sized dog has a rather shabby coating thanks to its heavy density and even more hair around the face that covers the eyes. As if that’s not enough coating. The shagginess stretches to its bobbed tail as well.

With such a sweet, compatible, and loyal temperament, the pon will more often than not try to impress its owner. They will play watchdog, herder, friend, and companion when it best suits your needs.

That’s not all, polish city dwellers apprehend the dog’s character as being clever, confident, and independent. These trainable pets have very many desirable qualities that surpass just about any other house dog.

Even so, your sheep-like dog could just as easily be stubborn and territorial especially if you don’t seem to offer it the attention it wants.

Bouvier des Flandres

It’s very easy to assume this dog could just as well be a sheep. However, their dark fur gives it its distinction. Just like a sheep, the Bouvier has very thick fur and a tail that often sits in between its back legs. This just a way of preventing the tail from being caught in carts or getting trampled on by cattle.

Serving in the military for the French and Belgians, they are very fearless dogs, but on the other hand, they have such a sweet temperament. Very protective of children, they are a perfect addition to the family, especially if you’re a ranch owner.


They’re smart, they’re loving, and they’re loyal. Weighing only 35 pounds, this dog breed falls under the herding group. They enjoy their time taking on adventures just as much as they love working.

puli dog breed vs sheep
Sheep and Puli

The most sheep-like feature they have is their coat. It appears as naturally occurring cords or coils like the wool of a sheep.

What’s more, the coating is dense, tangled, and a bit tan in color, like a dirty or interbred sheep. For such as powerful herder as themselves, this helps them stay warm as they accompany flocks of cattle during grazing time.

They are very quick learners, faithful, and agile. Their size renders them its nickname the ‘acrobat of the dog world’ for being quick on its feet

Old English Sheepdog

Last, but not least is the Old English sheepdog. Almost similar is weight to the Bergamasco, they are very huge in size weighing over 100 pounds. They play protectors from wild predators such as wolves which is why they are herding/ guarding dogs. For such a huge body like theirs, they have a heavy coat as well.

Old English Sheepdog
Old English Sheepdog

It’s dense a somewhat tangled, which is why the dog needs a lot of brushing and grooming. However, they are adorable dogs that love the company and spending quality time with owners.


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