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How to create a DIY Bird Backpack

A DIY bird backpack can be a cheap and yet unique way to carry around your pet bird. If you want to stand out from the crowd while traveling or walking with your fowl, here are steps and ideas to create your own carrier at home.

Step #1 Gather Necessary tools

How to Create your own bird backpack

Begin by gathering the necessary tools. Here a list of everything you require to complete the project:

  • A sturdy backpack
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Wire mesh
  • Ribbon or thread
  • Wire cutters
  • Twisty ties
  • Drill

Step #2 Creating Wire Mesh Window

Now that you have these tools, cut the wire mesh to the size you want at the front of the backpack. Place the mesh at the top of the backpack and place a half-inch mark using the marker. This space will be for tying the mesh onto the backpack.

meshing for window

Having marked your backpack, pierce a hole at the center of the pack. Ensure you make a small hole; you would not want to damage the design.

You can now insert the mesh. Place the mesh in position then drill tiny holes directly above the opening.

Ensure the twisty ties are tightened otherwise the backpack might appear bulky on the exterior. In case the mesh has sharp edges, cover them to protect your birds.

Step# 3 Strapping

Take your straps then create two holes at the bottom end. Also, create holes on the backpack then tie the straps to attach them onto your pack.


Cut some four pieces of fabric that measure the same as your opening then place the first piece at the top of the twisted ties. Create a knot by tying a ribbon onto the fabric. Begin weaving yarn around your fabric until you reach the end. Weave the yarn at least three times.

Cut a tiny piece of fabric then insert it in the carrier backpack. You are now done and have a tiny pet carrier backpack.

Following is a DIY bird backpack video tutorial for large birds.

Benefits of Bird Backpacks compared to other Carriers

  • Backpacks enable you to transport your birds safely since you are always in close contact with the birds.
  • Backpacks are portable therefore you can easily carry your birds along when traveling.
  • They are lighter than cages, making them effective housing for your birds.
  • They come in various designs to accommodate all bird sizes.
  • Bird backpacks are suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, unlike other carriers that maybe suited indoors.
  • They have perches and carrying straps, which makes it easier to carry around.

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Can I use Dog Crates for Birds?

Parrot and large bird owners have expressed satisfaction in dog crates. Some dog crates are suitable for transporting birds while others are unsuitable. The bars are extremely wide making them unsuitable for small birds.


  • They come in various sizes; you can, therefore, find the right size for your birds.
  • They are cheap.
  • They have a large front door making it easier for cleaning.
  • They offer a 360-degree view.


  • They have a bar space that is too large thus birds can easily escape.
  • Most of the dog crates are suitable for long-tailed birds, leaving no room for tall birds.


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