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Why You Need an Albino (White) Bearded Dragon

Albino bearded dragons are the rarest kind of bearded dragons ever to exist. They lack patterns and have a distinctive white appearance. Scientists claim they only live a few weeks as they need sunlight to survive yet albinos can’t be subjected to harsh UVA/UVB penetration.

The albino bearded dragon may not live long, but you can opt for the white kind. A great pet to have because of its uniqueness, long lifespan, and calm temperament. It’s a worthwhile investment seeing as they’re easy to care for.

Pure albino bearded dragons are a rarity but there are options to this type of beardie. Options that would make excellent pets, but in this case let’s have a look at the white-bearded dragon. All the interesting facts about them and why you should consider them as your pet.

What is an Albino Bearded Dragon and Why is it White?

Albino bearded dragons are yet another type of beardies besides the usual kinds. Unlike the leatherback, silk back, and colored dragons, the albino lacks melanin.

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They have white scales and bright pink or red eyes. Their gene make doesn’t create any pigmentation, which then doesn’t allow for the growth of melanin, leaving them white/colorless.

Their blizzard appearance is what makes them unique from others. But it’s also what makes them have the shortest lifespan of just weeks. Pure albinos can’t be subjected to sun rays but as you know beardies need them to grow and nourish. This leaves breeders to focus on white-bearded dragons.

White dragons are also quite unique as they fall in a category of equally pale beardies. They have the albino gene in them but not as a single genetic mutation. They’re mated with other dragons to create dragons with leucism, another form of Albinism.

These too will be pale and blizzard, hence the nicknames ice, snow, and blizzard. They have significantly reduced levels of melanin making them whiter than other breeds. However, they won’t have the red eyes present on pure albino dragons

The three dragons in the leucism category are Witblits, Wero, and Zero. They’re all white, patchy, and have no visible patterns.  Some may appear silver but it’s an off silver-white look.

Are Albino Dragons  Good Pets?

White-bearded dragons make great pets for multiple reasons. 

They’re Unique

Unlike other bearded dragons, whites have a clean appealing white look with no patterns on their bodies. They have one white color from head to tail which makes them very different from the other types. Besides, they’re very interesting to watch and look at especially when they’re in their habitat.

The lighting inside makes them seem brighter and more lively. You would love to see that yourself, wouldn’t you? They have a generally appealing look.

Another unique thing about white-bearded dragons is that even when it’s shedding, you’ll rarely see it. See, when bearded dragons are shedding off their scales, regardless of the type, they turn white. Some even get white tongues. With a white dragon, you won’t have to witness the shedding.

Cool Temperament

Compared to other reptiles, these are very calm and peaceful. They enjoy human interaction and company. They can spend time in and out of their terrarium with supervision and wouldn’t cause any problems. Their character is very easy to understand even for small children.

They may get a little aggressive, maybe bite in you but that’s just a sign that they need something. Plus their bites aren’t harmful either.

Longer Life Expectancy

As you’ve read above pure albinos live just a few weeks. They rarely get to live to their juvenile days even under captivity. But with the white beardies, as a crossbreed of the albino, they can have a longer life. Life expectancy can stretch to over eight years maybe more if and when they’re cared for the right way.

Ideally, they have to live a good and healthy life to elongate their life but they may also need some specialized care to keep them happy and satisfied.

Easy to Care For

The basic items a beardie needs to survive is good habitat, nutritious food, and good health. If you can provide for these needs then the white dragon should be okay.

Ensure good lighting and heating conditions from a great UVB bulb that’s not too strong, a well-sized tank that’s easy to clean, plenty of insects, fruits, and vegetables to keep them healthy, water for hydration, and any check-ups in case of arising medical challenges.

Quick to Learn and Adjust

Beardies in general including the albinos are quite intelligent. They can recognize their owners in a very short time and tend to form a strong bond as fast as they know you. They’re quick to learn and follow routines like mealtimes, bath times, time to clean up time for walks, and much more. Furthermore, they can tell difference in people just by the sound of your voice, just gradually spend time with them and you will notice how fond they get of you

They’re Loyal Companions

It’s unlikely to say this but as a reptile, the bearded dragon does know how to show affection. They would cuddle and snuggle on the owner’s neck and chest as soon as you let them freely hang out with you. Some may even fall asleep or stay with you for hours just enjoying your company.

Cost of Buying and Maintaining is Pocket Friendly

Before you get a pet most of you probably want to know how much it would cost you. They aren’t an exotic pet nor do they need much caring for. Therefore, you can get them at a cost-friendly price along with other habitat essentials.

With $2000, you can get a high-quality terrarium with a thermometer, light source, humidity regulator, and other items.

Maintenance is equally easy, as long as your pet has what it needs;

  • Substrate
  • Food – being omnivores, they feed on any plant and animal-based food, feeding just twice a day.
  • Veterinary checkups and pet insurance

Apartment Sized Pet

Because of their small to medium size bodies, bearded dragons are very convenient for owners living in apartments. They’re small enough to fit in fixed spaces even as an adult beardie. What’s more, their size means even your little ones can handle them easily.

Zero Bearded Dragons Cons

  • Pure albinos are the most expensive type of bearded dragon to purchase. They cost around $300 – $900.
  • Pire albinos don’t live longer than a few days because they’re unable to process UVA/B rays for metabolic function.
  • They’re quite delicate to care for.

Interesting Facts about Albino Dragons

  • Pure albino dragons don’t live past a few weeks old because despite their need for the sun’s UVB absorption albinos must avoid the sun.
  • White-bearded dragons can have slight color variations depending on the temperature. They’re gray in cooler climates and white in hotter climates.
  • White-bearded dragons are often confused with snow beardies. However, snow is a pure type of bearded dragons while white dragons get the color morph from breeding a snow and a witblit.
  • White-bearded dragons may have blotches of dark spots on their bodies.

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