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Best Self-cleaning Fish Tank-Low Maintenance

Generally, regular cleaning of an aquarium of any size can be tedious task. Self-cleaning fish tanks have been designed to solve this problem. These tanks require little maintenance and provide a perfect ecosystem for fish to thrive.

In this piece, learn how self-cleaning tanks work, a review of the best in the market including discussion of important factors you need to consider when selecting the right one for your fish.

How Self-cleaning fish tanks work.

A self-cleaning fish tank operates by automatically cleaning itself, therefore, it is low maintenance. The cleaning system cleans the aquarium without the owners’ intervention. There are two types of self-cleaning fish tanks that employ different operation techniques:

  1. Gravity Based fish Tanks
  2. Aquaponics Fish Tanks

Gravity Based fish Tanks

These fish tanks are designed using a pump that runs continuously. It removes dirty water from the aquarium but you have to add fresh water manually frequently. The pumps are designed to restrict sucking up of fish through the filter pipe; hence, it is an effective means.

The system is popular among newcomers, teenagers, and kids due to its simple nature.

Aquaponics Fish Tanks

These tanks are also referred to as garden fish tanks. They operate through a recycling process and involve three living parts in the setup. It incorporates plants, bacteria, and fish. Fish produce waste that is absorbed by plants, thus, the plants are supplied with nutrients to grow and the fish protected from the harsh effects of built waste.

Bacteria help in the nitrogen cycle since they get rid of nitrates and ammonia built up in the water. Bacteria, therefore, provide a suitable habitat for both plants and fish. Nature lovers and most aquarists prefer the fish tank.

Advantages of Self-cleaning fish tanks

  • The tanks require little maintenance considering that they are self-cleaning
  • The tanks offer a suitable ecosystem for fish to survive
  • The mechanism ensures water remains clean and safe
  • Most tank setups have a beautiful design that is hand made
  • Most tanks are easy to setup

Disadvantages of Self-cleaning fish tanks

  • Some tanks are more expensive than manually cleaned tanks.
  • Defective tanks always build up fungi that end up killing fish and plants in the aquarium

The Best Self-cleaning fish tanks

Aquasprouts Garden

This aquarium has a capacity of 10 gallons and comes with several accessories. The kit has a time-based water pump, a detachable light bar, and a clay growth surface. The manufacturer offers excellent customer service and can be contacted at any time.


  • The tank can house numerous fish and has a herb garden
  • It offers a classroom for fish
  • The company has excellent customer service
  • The tank is modern and has a sleek design


  • The setup is more complicated compared to other tanks
  • The light bar never produces light on its own.

EcoQubeC Aquarium

This low maintenance aquarium requires little cleaning and feeding. You only need to top up clean water at least twice a month.  The tank has a capacity of 1.5 gallons and is smaller, therefore, fits in most houses.

The kit comes with an aquarium, lighting system, plant medium, and the system is remote controlled. The supplier offers other kits with additional accessories that you can purchase.


  • It is low maintenance
  • It ensures water remains clean and safe
  • It has a beautiful design that is hand made
  • It is easy to setup


  • Most buyers complain of the frequent water changing that is necessary to keep fish healthy
  • Plants have difficulty in growing
  • The tank is smaller therefore unsuitable for many fish

Springworks Aquaponic Garden Tank

This is a 10-gallon fish tank that incorporates aquaponics operating mechanism. The kit comprises of Led lighting, basil and oregano seeds. The tank is sold separately from the kit.


  • It requires little effort to set up
  • It has an effective herb garden
  • The kit keeps plants and fish healthy


  • The kit is more expensive
  • The kit does not include the tank

Roots Self-cleaning Tank

This 3-gallon aquarium is perfect for a classroom setup. The kit consists of a filter, wheatgrass seeds, radish, garden setup, and a tank. The filter system is however extremely strong and there are various reported cases of fish deaths due to suction. Eliminating the filter can eliminate this problem.


  • The kit is user-friendly
  • The kit has a user guide, therefore, it is suitable for newbies.


  • The filter system is too strong and kills fish
  • The filter system requires regular cleaning
  • The system requires frequent water changing

Factors to consider when shopping

There are various options in the market that you can pick, all claiming to have a perfect success rate. Finding a suitable self-cleaning fish tank can prove to be hectic, however, to select an easy to maintain, self-sustaining, and self-cleaning tank requires that you consider some important factors that include:

  • Materials used for design and construction
  • The type of self-cleaning aquarium to be employed
  • The size and shape of the aquarium
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Other Considerations and accessories

The type of self-cleaning aquarium to be employed

You have to consider whether you need a gravity-based or aquaponics cleaning mechanism. As for gravity-based aquariums, they tend to be suitable for newcomers and teenagers. The tank is cheaper, easier to use and can sustain tetra, goldfish or a single betta.

According to Dongguan Hengyue, a professional fish tank manufacturing company, aquaponics tanks are suitable for aquarists and have an elegant design. This makes the tanks suitable for offices, homes, and shops. You also have to consider the noise produced by the pump before installing this aquarium.

Micro farms and aquaponics water gardens are suitable for aquatic hobbyists and scientific studies. Based on these factors, you can pick your preferred self-cleaning aquarium.

Materials used for design and construction

Water gardens and gravity fish tanks are constructed using acrylic or plastic and glass in few situations. The plastic tanks have a shorter life span but are cheaper than acrylic tanks.

Acrylic tanks are lighter and last longer due to its malleability. The tanks are also available in various elegant designs. Some aquaponics kits have a bed that is made from plastic and has an elegant non-reflective finish.

For beginners, plastic fish tanks can be suitable then you can advance to glass or acrylic tanks. Additionally, you should consider various design features that include filtration systems, power fittings and light systems incorporated in the tank.

Consider picking a tank with a filtration system and lighting system. In case you seek an aquarium with an air pump, prioritize one that is silent.

Maintenance requirements

Gravity self-cleaning tanks require little maintenance as opposed to aquaponic tanks. Smaller tanks would require adding clean water at least once a day but would need frequent cleaning of the waterbed.

Water gardens and aquaponic tanks require between ten days to three weeks to create a proper ecosystem. Having established this, the tank would require little maintenance. You will need to feed the fish and add water to the aquarium occasionally.

Ensure you keep the maintenance aspect in mind before securing a suitable self-cleaning fish tank.

The size and shape of the aquarium

Some self-cleaning tanks such as the Alician Fish Tank have a capacity of 0.6 gallons and are suitable for small-sized fish such as betta. You, however, need a larger tank with a capacity of at least 2 gallons to provide comfort for the fish.

The shape also matters since low capacity tanks could have a larger surface area hence fish can be comfortable.

Pick the appropriate size and shape that complements your tank décor and offers sufficient space for fish to flourish.

Other Considerations and accessories

Some factors make the aquarium more presentable; therefore, you would prefer them to other choices. Accessories that include remote controlled lighting systems, feed samples, and air conditioning can help you pick the perfect self-cleaning aquarium.

Also, consider factors such as service support and warranty offered by the tank manufacturer. Consider purchasing a tank with a warranty since some might be faulty hence will end up disappointing you since it may be defective.

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