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Best Pet Rat Travel Cages

If you’re planning to make a journey with your pet rat, it is important you find the perfect escape-free travel carrier that will have room for sleeping, eating and playing. In case you are wondering which travel cage is the best in the market, this article is for you. In addition, learn some key factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Following is a list of some of the best cages for pet rodent. You can use them on vacation as well as when paying your vet a visit.

1. Chinchilla Cage Dusted Rose

This is a durable cage and keeps rats enclosed. It minimizes the chances of rats bumping into objects thus reducing damage.


  • It is made from long-lasting metal therefore once you have bought it; you never have to worry about breaking
  • It has secure locks that prevent pets from escaping. The cage can accommodate several rats since it has multiple levels. This also provides pets with ample space to play.
  • The cage can also be used to transport other pets such as ferrets and chinchillas. The cage is however hectic when assembling since it has various complex structures.

2. Prevue Hendryx Ferret Cage

  • This cage was originally designed for ferrets but rat hobbyists love its features, therefore, use it when traveling. The cage has a huge compartment and has several simulators to provide rats with physical and mental stimulation.


  • Due to the large space, you can place various toys and decorations for rats to play with. The hutch has an inbuilt hammock, therefore, saves on money.
  • The cage stands on a tray that has two metallic grillers and three plastic ramps. The metal grillers can easily be removed while cleaning. You will find ample space at the bottom where you can place the requirements for the rats.
  • The hutch comes with two huge doors that are escape-proof. It also has stainless steel locks that are rust repellant. The cage is made using stainless steel, therefore it is durable and perfect for nurturing both big and small rats.

3. Prevue Earth stone Rose Cage

This is a precious investment despite being on a tight budget. The cage saves you a lot since it has a grate at the base and everything in the cage is made from long-lasting metal. It is strong to withstand external disturbance and is lighter than other cages.


  • The hutch measures 31 inches by 21 inches by 40 inches and is easy is assemble.  It has quarter-inch spaces separating the bars and prevents rats from escaping. The cage has three compartments where rats can play and you can place several rats at a time.
  • The cage has ridges and the ramps are sturdy and wide. This makes it suitable for rats since they get a stable footing when running. You can also employ clothes on the ramp to enable the rats to play comfortably instead of exposing them to cold ramps.
  • This cage, however, has a small door and a barred floor that makes it difficult to clean. Despite this, the cage is made from metal and is therefore durable and you can use it to house the rats for years.

4. Critter Nation Single Unit Cage

This cage has two double floor doors that make it perfect for rats and other pets. You will be able to open its four doors and can easily decorate the cage interior using toys and other accessories.


  • This cage is very easy to clean since it is easy to remove shelves and the door. The shelves are made from plastic, therefore, prevent foot injuries when rats run.
  • The bars beneath the shelves will enable you to hang accessories and the hammock. The cage measures 6 inches by 36 inches by 24 inches and is stronger and heavier than other hutches.
  • The cage is however more expensive than other hutches but is of higher quality and is easier to assemble. It has a perfect lock mechanism that reduces the chances of rats escaping. The tiny bar spacing is suitable for small rats since their feet never get stuck.

5. Midwest Ferret Nation

This rat cage would be suitable in case you need to house more than three rats. This huge cage is suitable for rats since they will live in huge numbers.


  • In case you need to partition the cage interior, you can simply block the center. Each compartment would still be large enough to place toys, decorations, and accessories. This makes it easier when cleaning the cage since you can clean the partitions at different times.
  • The cage measures 25 inches by 32 inches by 63 inches. Setting it up is easy since it never requires screws, nuts, and bolts. You simply slide the pengs at the right place using your hands then lock it. The locking caster ensures the cage is safely stationed.
  • The hutch has two floor4 pans, made from plastic, that are durable. This provides the pets with a sturdy floor where they can play. It also has three ramps that are skid resistant that prevent accidents.
  • This cage, however, requires a lot of time to set up.

6. Kaytee Multi-Level Cage

This cage is especially suited for a large number of pet rats and would be convenient for you due to its unique features.


  • The cage is easy to clean since it is made from plastic. You only have to wipe off crumbs then wash the plastic surface with detergent and water. Plastic is comfortable for rats to run around.
  • The cage has several tunnels and slides for rats to play.
  • It is a cheaper cage despite the various features that it has. It can also house many rats since it has three stories and has adequate room that is comfortable. Each story has unique features for rats to play.
  • Platforms in the cage are made from plastic and have a short lifespan. The platforms can easily break when exposed to great force. The hutch is a bit thin therefore never offers rats ample space to run around. Rats will, therefore, move vertically and this might be boring.

7. Midwest Critter Nation Double Unit

This is a perfect rat cage for your rats since it is calibrated particularly for rats. The cage is manufactured from Midwest and you have the option to either pick a single, double or triple Decker. The number of stories you need depends on the number of rats you need to house. Most customers who picked the double portion expressed great satisfaction.


  • The Midwest unit measures 24 inches by 36 inches. The cage is spacious enough to accommodate many rats. The setup also has a section where you can place toys, decorations, a hammock among other decorative items for the rat to play with.
  • The cage has a height of 5.3 inches that is suited to a normal person’s height. The hutch has shelves that can easily be adjusted to full width; therefore, you can set it to suit the rats’ needs. It also has sturdy ramps that enable rats to climb up and down.
  • The cage has thin spaces between wire bars. Moreover, the hutch is stain repellant, chew-proof, thick and has a pleasant appearance.
  • This cage is however expensive compared to other travel cages of similar dimensions.

8. Kaytee Multi-Level Cage for Exotics

This cage is perfect in case you need one that can house a rat. It has special features that distinguish it from other cages


  • It has narrow wires that make it hard for rats to escape. The wires are tough and are therefore hard to chew. The locks are also chew proof.
  • The cage has three levels that have curved slides. It offers the rats multiple games although space only fits one rat.
  • This affordable cage incorporates numerous play toys and accessories. The cage is however made from poor quality material and therefore has a shorter lifespan. The cage is also cramped therefore requires that you allow the rat to play outside.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Rat Cage


According Dr. Laurie Hess, DVM, an internationally recognized expert on bird and exotic pet medical care, the cage design should be your main concern since it determines the amount of comfort your pets are exposed to. Ensure the floor system is hard enough to carry fleece. Plastic covered metal and PVC are the most suitable cage design material. The solid floor is also better than wire grates.

A hutch designed using wire floors exposes rats to slipping, therefore, results in fatalities, solid floor cages expose pets to fewer accidents.

The design should also be in a way that rats wont escape.

Quality of cage

Consider the quality of material used in making the cage. Cages constructed using steel last longer than those made from plastic. The plastic ones may be cheaper but you will have to replace either parts or the entire cage in case there is an accident.


Plastic cages are poor structures that you can offer to rats. The cages easily build up ammonia and air contamination, therefore, affects the rats’ respiratory system. A suitable cage should have enough ventilation systems to counter foul smell and contaminants. Besides, ventilation systems allow light to penetrate, therefore offer good visibility.

Effort required for Cleaning and Accessibility

Before purchasing any rat cage, inspect the doors. Pick a cage that has wide doors so that you can easily access the pets and tough spots. You should pick a cage that has a door with a maximum width. This ensures your hand never gets squeezed when interacting with the rats. They also allow for easier cleaning.


Experienced rat owners advise that the appropriate size for rat should be at least 2 cubic feet. In case you wish to house more rats, you must consider the space. The space should ensure the rat remains comfortable and happy. A large cage offers rats’ ample playing space. Also, keep in mind that male rats require more space as compared to females.

Number of rats

This is also a critical factor. Some cages are too shallow and lack enough space to house multiple rats. Consider the number of rats you wish to house before purchasing a cage. When you confine rats in a small space, they tend to be stressed and this has an impact on their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel with rats?

Yes, you can, provided you ensure that the pet feels comfortable and secure.

Can rats travel in cars?

Yes, they can. In case you have a long trip, ensure the rat is used to being in a car then place it in a rat cage before commencing the journey. Also, ensure the rat gets enough air supply and secure the cage with a safety belt.

Can rats get carsick and throw up?

No, rats have little reflexes therefore rarely throw up. They may develop carsickness but they never throw up.

How to Travel with a Rat Tips & Ideas


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