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Top Tallest Dog Breeds

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. From miniature sizes to medium dogs, large dogs to even tall dogs. Yes, there are dog breeds known to exhibit some magnificent height to as much as 44 inches.

In the world, there are over ten dog breeds that have an average height of above 32 inches. That includes the likes of Great Dane, Pyrenees, Scottish Deerhounds, Cane Corso, Greyhound, and Leonberger. On the same list, other dog breeds like the Newfoundland, Neapolitan mastiff, Tamaskan Husky, and sheepdog, their height is greatly contributed by their heavyweight.

Learning about these dogs is quite interesting, not only are they one of the tallest dogs in the world, most have specific working characteristics that would otherwise be impossible without their given height. Keep reading to find out more about these height-blessed canines. What’s more, we go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of having them as a pet. Let’s get started!

What is the Tallest Dog in the World?

Winning the Guinness world record for being the tallest dog in the world, Zeus, a Great Dane originally from the USA measured a stunning 44 inches (1.118 meters). Furthermore, when standing,  Zeus could easily have a height of seven feet and four inches tall (2.23 meters). Denise, the dog owner, and family say the dog weighed 70.30 kg (155 lb) and ate an astonishing 13.6 kg (30 lb) of food every two weeks. Find out more on how to measure dog height

Zeus,the Tallest Dog in the World

However, Zeus was very jolly. He had a laid-back personality and had a sweet temperament. Essy to get along with, gentle, and caring to its family. Unfortunately, the dog passed away in 2014, at just the age of five.

Other Famous Tall Dogs

Other Guinness world record holders include;


Freddy is one unique Great Dane holding the Guinness world record from December 2016 as the tallest dog in the world. While only four years old, Freddy had an outstanding height of seven feet and six inches tall. From Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom, Freddy holds the title from his predecessor Zeus and he’s will the oldest great dane to hold the record in the world

Giant George

Also a great dane breed, he came very close to Zeus measuring 43 inches and seven feet and three inches tall when standing (2.20 meters). Also living in the USA, George weighed 111.130 Kg (245 lbs). He ate about 50 kgs(110 pounds) of food a month.


In November 2009, Titan also won the Guinness record for being the tallest dog ever. Yet another great day measuring 1.073 m (42.25 in). But that was not the only fascinating thing about Titan. He was also deaf and blind and still one of the best dog breeds in the world.


Gibson won the tallest dog ever Guinness world record title on 31st August 2004 measuring 41.2 inches(107cm). This Harlequin Great Dane from Grass Valley, California, USA, was only a few millimeters shorter than his predecessor.

Gibson, great dane tall dog

Shamgret Danzas

Lastly, Shamgret Danzas, he was the first-ever documented Guinness world record holder back on 16th October 1984. He was awarded for being the tallest dog ever in the world. The great Dane from the UK stood at 41.5 inches(105cm). In that same year, yet another great dane known as Harvey had the same height and was known to sleep in a twin bed because there were beds to fit his size.

More Dog Breeds that are Tall

Great Dane

Even without the record-holding capacity, great Danes have been known to be one of the tallest dogs breeds in the world. Their height stands between 32 to even 40 inches with males taking up the higher rank, thanks to their shoulders. Their average weight is 175 pounds which are standard for such tall dogs.

Great Danes makes excellent protectors at home doer to their loyalty, protective personality, and willingness to undergo obedience training.


Next up is the Greyhound that also stands at 30 inches of height.  According to DogTime, they describe the greyhound as a breed built for speed and agility. They have long legs and broad shoulders that accentuate their height. Besides that, they are excellent gamely dogs, quick to learn, and compassionate with a gentle approach.


The Saluki is known to be one of the oldest dog breeds there is. They have a height of 28 inches, just slightly shorter than the Greyhound. They’re gentle, great at socializing, and can make the best family companion.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff has been known as a giant dog weighing up to 150 pounds with a height ranging from 26 to 31 inches. This strong mastiff also known for its loose skin/ wrinkles is said to have a large head with broad shoulders contributing to its tallness and robust appearance.

Working as guard dogs, they are fearless fellows, very peaceful, and loyal to their owners. Mastiffs have been known also to be very sneaky especially in their capacity as guard dogs. Rather than barking, they would rather sneak up on intruders. Very protective of their owners and family, they are not so easy to train nor a good choice for new families.


Originally from the Heinrich Essig of Leonberg, Germany, the Leonberger is yet another unique watchdog with an incredible height of 32 inches and weight of 170 pounds. An amazing triple bred dog created from a mixture of a Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Working tirelessly as a protector, the Leonberger utilizes its height in doing much more than just playing companion and watchdog. They can help with water rescue and herd tracking. They are smart, have high energy, and exhibit high intelligence just like many other guard dogs.

Afghan Hound

Boasting its long lush silky 24-inch hair is the Afghan Hound that also has a height 27 inches. With broad shoulders long legs and a narrow face, they have a small weight of just 60 pounds, incomparable with the other counterparts in this list.

However, the Afghan Hound continues to boast its height in multiple events and also in their working abilities as hunting dogs. They’re friendly, kind, and loving, suited for every dog owner.


Mastiffs are known for their huge and sturdy physique, tallness, and robust build. They have a minimum height of 30 inches and a weight of up to 250 pounds. Their great size and shoulders greatly increase their height even more than the Neapolitan Mastiff.

The English Mastiff, suffice to say also holds its own Guinness world record title as the heaviest dog seeing the heaviest English Mastiff ever recorded was the Aicama Zorba, who weighed in at 343 pounds. These gentle giants, however, don’t let their height or weight pull them down.

They indulge in a lot of blood sports such as baiting bears, bulls, and lions. They are loving and friendly dogs with a sweet temperament. Loyal, even-tempered, and great with kids. Even for such giants, their height and weight still make them a great addition to the family.

Irish Wolfhound

The breed that comes closest to the great Dane’s height is the Irish wolfhound that has an average height of 35 inches at the shoulder and weighs up to 180 pounds. Females may have a lower height of 32 inches but the height elongates further when they’re standing.

The Irish wolfhound was originally bred as game hunters. Running after prey with their long legs resembling the  Scottish deerhound. However, the Irish wolfhound was bred to be more rough and tough seeing that they chase after wolves. Their main work has been to guard and hunt and their height helps them with that purpose.

Compared to the origins of the breed as back as 7000 B.C in Ireland, the breed has become more reserved and gentle. Very intelligent and easy-going.  Don’t be surprised to find an Irish wolfhound with a height that almost resembles a miniature horse.

Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish deerhound stands ar a height if between 30 to 32 inches with an average height of between 90 to 110 pounds. They are related to the greyhounds but more gentle and leaner. Originally from Scotland, his deerhound is often bred as a hunting dog, specifically, the sighthound.

They are tall, athletic, and have great stamina, speed, and agility. Larger and heavier than greyhounds, they also have long legs which they use for their working activities. They’re gentle, calm, and obedient to their owners.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees has an average height of between 27 to 30 inches and over 100 pounds of weight. They are a sheepdog descending from the Hungarian Kuvasz and the Maremmano-Abruzzese. They too are great companions but even better watchdogs. Protective, strong, loyal, and affectionate with their owners and family.


They stand at an average height of 28 inches with a weight of 150 pounds. They are one of the many heavyweight dogs along with the Neapolitan Mastiff above. Originally from Newfoundland, these big fellows were only known to assist fishermen with hauling of nets and lines from boats.

Unlike their biased opinions on them being guard dogs, they were very good at helping fishermen with whatever they needed. From pulling carts to fetching anything overboard, they are very hardworking dogs. Their height and weight have played a major role in the dog’s upbringing, as they are also great rescue dogs. Excellent swimmers are known to haul even people from the water.

These tall fellows are gentle natured, very sweet, and loving even with children. Lastly, they are great to cuddle buddies thanks to the double coat that keeps them warm even in cold freezing water.

Saint Bernard

With over 180 pounds of weight and 29 inches in height, Saint Bernard makes no surprises as one of the tallest dog breeds in the world. Originally from the Swiss Alps and northern Italy, Saint Bernard has been bred as working dogs and precisely rescue dogs for the longest time.

They endured hard obedience training from monks in the Saint Bernard Hospice where they were taught the role they play to date. They can stand as tall as 30 inches but that’s nothing to be wary about. They are fun-loving, sociable, gentle family dogs that make great companions even with children. What’s more, they are also friendly with other pets, unless their height or bodyweight scares them.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is probably the least tall dog on this list. With a height of only 27 inches, they can’t compare to the Zeus. They have a weight of about 100 pounds which also contributes to its height, especially when they stand. They make great family dogs and excellent watchdogs, but only after they have undergone obedience training.

Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier can grow up to 30 inches tall that can be extended further thanks to its large head and physique altogether. It’s bred as a guard dog working to protect its owners. Very loyal, cheerful, and loving companion, they would make an excellent pet. Unfortunately, they can also be tough and aggressive to strangers.

Why Tall Dogs can be a Good Option

Besides their great personal personalities, tall dogs can make good watchdogs. Their height allows them to see further distances, hence they’re able to watch over and protect better.

Challenges of Tall Dog Breeds

Unfortunately, there may be more challenges than the advantages of having a tall dog for a pet. Here are the common challenges;

  • Major expense. Having a great dane or other tall dog breeds requires a large financial back up to adequately support their needs. As you have read above, they can feed 13.6 kgs of food every two weeks. What’s more, it’s more expensive to take to the veterinarian, the dog needs much more space at home, and it’s also more expensive to train.
  • Tall or giant tall breeds also often have health issues and complications sooner or later. They have shortened lifespans and require more attention than other dogs. With complications come medications and medical bills that point to the first point.
  • Expect accidents every now and then. Tall dogs often have big bodies that take up a huge amount of space in the house. Furthermore, their movements in the house can cause damage like things falling off from the table or their tails sweeping items to the floor in a single wag.
  • Extra precautions have to be taken in the home to keep items out or further reach from the dog. Food has to be removed from the kitchen counters because your dog can probably reach that height as well. Keep notable countertops clean from food so they don’t go helping themselves every time.

Two main disadvantages of keeping tall dogs are space and expense. They can take up four times the space of a normal dog and eat up three times as much as other pets. Therefore, if you want them as a pet, those should be the main factors to consider.


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